Tuesday, February 14, 2017

What's Old is New Again!

Just listing some retro home decor items on my Etsy shop - brass is in.  Again!

Leaping dolphins

You can never have too many brass candlesticks.

Seashell bookends

Love this flock of seagulls!

A brass cricket box

In the words of the wonderful Mary Randolph Carter, "Never stop to think...do I have room for this?"

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Grown Up Pink Bedrooms

This is our beautiful new comforter set.  Shades of pink with a metallic gold in the print.  My husband doesn't mind pink so I'm lucky there.  He doesn't mind any color if he gets a chance to sleep!

 I added the white fluffy blanket added for our smallish white dog, Hazel Rose, to lay on.  She loves it so it does help keep the dog hair off the comforter...

I want to add some gold accents - thinking gold starburst mirrors over each night table but I haven't found any yet.  Here are my inspiration rooms from Pinterest -

I'll be making the rounds of the thrift stores to look for some lovely gold items!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Go to Your Studio and Make Stuff

I've been watching CNN for all the goings-on here in the US.  Trying to understand, trying to find something positive, trying not to be appalled by the appallingness* of it all.  *I know that's not a real word, it's an alternative word.  We can do things like that now - just make it up.  Except we can't...

So, I've turned off the TV and taken to my studio where I'm sewing madly.  After Sept. 11, I made pickles and preserves like a crazy person.  It's a fear thing I guess.  If the sh*t hits the fan, I'll be ready.  With lots of homemade stuff.

I'm thinking lots of artists are doing the same thing.  You know the old saying - When the going gets tough, the artists get creating.  Or something like that...

It's all I've got...

Monday, January 16, 2017

On the Menu this Week - FOOD!

We've just returned from a week-end road trip for our Granddaughter's competitive cheer leading competition (2nd out of 6 - they were AMAZING!).  We had a great trip to beautiful downtown Fort Worth, TX..  Nice hotel, gorgeous architecture, tons of restaurants...

Which leads me to what I really need to complain about!  Food!  I get that Texas is all about the southern fried food and manly steak, etc..  

This is an actual place in Amarillo where your 72 oz. steak is free if you can eat it in under an hour.  "You", as in one person.  72 oz., as in 4.5 lbs....

That's obviously one end of the spectrum but at the other end seems to be - nothing.  

Because of crazy scheduling, we left Fort Worth quite late in awful weather so thought we'd find something to eat on the way.  To be fair, we're a tough crowd.  My husband is British (meat, two veg), I'm vegetarian, my granddaughter is getting much better at trying new things but our 8 yr. old grandson has A LOT of food allergies and only considers chicken nuggets and fries food anyway.

I despair.  No matter what you think, fried fast food is not going to make anyone feel better when they're tired and hungry.  We ended up at a BBQ type of place where I can at least eat the side dishes and the kids can have somewhat real chicken and potatoes.

Anyway, my take-away from this is that I need to be WAY better prepared for these trips in the future.  The big cooler is going to have to go with us for at least healthy snacks and real juice and water.

As for meals, I'm going to have to do some serious research and planning ahead of time for that.

I'm kind of upset today thinking about the amount of money we wasted in restaurants where the kids just ate the bread and, as any vegetarian knows, 'they have salad' makes me murderous...

Enough complaining!  Today I'm making a gorgeous vegan pho to get us back to healthy land...

health, happiness and nothing fried,

Friday, January 6, 2017

Affirmations for the New Year

I loved my friend Linda Page's post "Words of Wisdom for 2017".  So inspiring!
 Here are a few of my own favorites...


Monday, December 26, 2016

Travel Time

Off to England tomorrow to spend New Year's with my husband's family.  We're taking our two grandchildren which just makes everything so much more fun!
Cheerio! (no one says that)